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Sunshine Network New Zealand
Set up in 2005 after Asokananda's untimely death, the New Zealand Training center is in Papakura, Auckland.
It offers courses in Thai Yoga Massage, from Beginners Classes up to a full Diploma course . These classes are suitable for health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, masseurs and physiotherapist's, to expand their skills, but also for anyone interested in learning healing techniques to use with family and friends. Practitioners of Yoga will also find the courses invaluable.

Don Bertram
Don trained and studied extensively with Asokananda  up until Asokananda's death in June 2005 and was his assistant teacher during 2004 - 2005 in New Zealand. His background is in the Personal Development area, having been a partner in a Personal Growth center in Wellington  (Vision Seminars) for over 10 years, where he studied and taught various forms of body work during that time. He completed his first Vapassana Meditation class in 1996 and has been a regular meditator since that time.
Don is currently the President of the Thai Yoga Massage Association of New Zealand and is deeply committed to continuing the works of Asokananda in New Zealand including teaching the "Thai Yoga Master Diploma" course as set up by him before his death.

Sunshine Network - Global

The SUNSHINE NETWORK is a network of teachers trained by Asokananda. Who provide teaching centers, for training in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan  At present the network has partners in New Zealand, Thailand, India, Austria, Croatia, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland.  The Network was foundered by Asokananda (Harald Brust), a pioneer in bringing Thai Yoga Massage to the west, who sadly passed away in June 2005.

Asokananda (Harald Brust)
1955 - 2005
A native German, he was arguably the leading Western teacher of Thai Yoga Massage. He researched and taught Thai Yoga Massage, yoga and Vapassana Meditation for more than 18 years and his book "The Art of Traditional Thai Massage" was the first Thai Massage publication in the west.
He personally trained  some of the most established teachers of Thai massage, including Soul D. Raye from California, Chow Kam Thye from Canada, Laurino Bertelli from Italy, Kira Balaskas from London, Prabhat Menon from India and Vera Lier from Germany.Asokananda studied community development in Germany. Then 1978 onward, he spent most of his time in Asia and latterly in New Zealand where he set up The Sunshine Network Institute in 1999. He studied Vapassana Meditation with Sayadaw U Janaka in Burma, yoga with Yogavacara Rahula in Sri Lanka and Thai massage with Piched Boonthumme and Chaiyuth Priyasith in Thailand.
Asokananda was internationally known and respected, for his Massage and Spiritual Teachings

Om Mani Padme hum

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