What is Thai Yoga Massage?

If you have ever enjoyed a Swedish or other oil based massage, Thai Yoga Massage can offer so much more . . . . 

Western Massage or Swedish Massage, work mainly on muscles and soft tissue. In Thai Massage muscular relaxation is only a secondary goal as it focuses on the energy lines, similar to the lines are used in Acupuncture, Ayurvedic massage and Chinese massage.

Thai Yoga Massage originated in India, around  2,500 years ago and is based on the Ayurvedic System of Medicine. Sometimes being referred to as, "Lazy Man's Yoga"  Traditional Thai Massage has been found to be effective in assisting to restore health, reduce stress and pain, balance energize the body, and bring about states of peace, relaxation, relief, and rejuvenation.

After so many centuries of localized development, traditional Thai Yoga Massage is now enjoying increasing popularity around the world.

It focuses on ten key energy lines.On each of these energy lines there are acupressure points. By massaging these lines and points with the hands, feet and elbows the therapist releases the body's natural healing energy and redirects it to heal the receiver. Thai massage also includes a great deal of gentle stretching, bending and pulling

Thai massage is given through the clothing on a mat on the floor, lasting between 2  - 2 hours. The whole body is treated, starting at the tips of the toes and ending with a relaxing face and head massage.         

Wonderful medicinal hot herbal packs and Ayurvedic Oils can be used in the treatment of specific complaints. This form of massage has been found to be extremely effective for pregnant women, sports men and women and the disabled.

The Basics:

N.B. Some people (and a few therapists unfortunately) have the idea that TYM is meant to be painful. This is simply not true. Someone who is resisting pain, cannot relax. If you cannot relax, you cannot heal which would defeat the whole purpose of the massage.
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